Our quality of work is defined by our strong culture.

When we say we are a team, this is what we mean: We offer a unique blend of “us” that took 13 years to create. It’s a blend of creative, process, culture and experience that brings something singular to our clients.

We are known and valued for being a creative, innovative and nimble team… A team that is known for the near flawless quality of our work. We approach every job with dedication and a commitment to excellence and pride ourselves in our willingness and ability to perform “above and beyond” the expectations of our clients.

Executive Leadership

KELLY sparks

Founder / Queen Bee

Ever the enterprising type, Seattle Art Institute alumni, Kelly Sparks, founded VMG in 2004. VMG/studio520 has evolved from the one-woman business into a respected team of professionals that blend creativity, a sense of community and capitalism.

Today, Kelly is the inspiration to a team that generates tremendous response for clients on local, national and international projects. She leads by example with an open communication and positive style, empowering her employees to think and act independently. As CEO, she not only directs the company’s vision but also helps craft the concepts and stories of our clients’ projects.

MARK sparks


World traveler, trained journalist, actor, writer, and award winning storyteller. Mark graduated with a degree in journalism from the famed Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at WSU. He brings more than three decades of experience writing everything from fictional prose to newspaper, magazine, television, and stage (he has also been a stage and commercial actor for more than 40 years).

The journalism degree taught him how to think and write. The theater taught him empathy and how to tell a story by finding the intellectual impetus and the emotional heart.