Our quality of work is defined by our strong culture.

When we say we are a team, this is what we mean: We offer a unique blend of “us” that took 13 years to create. It’s a blend of creative, process, culture and experience that brings something singular to our clients.

We are known and valued for being a creative, innovative and nimble team… A team that is known for the near flawless quality of our work. We approach every job with dedication and a commitment to excellence and pride ourselves in our willingness and ability to perform “above and beyond” the expectations of our clients.

Our Team

Kelly Sparks
Kelly Sparks CEO / Queen Bee
Mark Sparks
Mark Sparks President / Defender of the Flag
Alysia Lee
Alysia Lee Director of Key Accounts
Ryan Berdinka
Ryan Berdinka Operations / Systems & IT
Bryan Johnston
Bryan Johnston Creative Director / Idea Guy
Shawna Mascarelli
Shawna Mascarelli Creative Producer
Cyndi Butz-Houghton
Cyndi Butz-Houghton Producer
Andrea Dickman
Andrea Dickman Associate Producer
Hunter Boen
Hunter Boen Studio Manager / DP
Jeremy Leaird-Koch
Jeremy Leaird-Koch Editor / Motion Graphics
Ryan Fennessey
Ryan Fennessey Graphic Designer
Lauwrentius Margetan
Lauwrentius Margetan Motion Designer / Front End Developer