what they say:

Curt Wilson | Employment Security Department

“How refreshing it is to work with such a collaborative team that is open to their client’s thoughts and perspective. Your ability to creatively weave your client’s input, ideas and concepts together with your own is unparalleled.

I truly believe that this kind of collaboration really does produce the best results. Many creative firms I’ve worked with do not share your strength in this area. Sometimes the client’s ‘ideas’ lead to more work, and therefore are rejected or dismissed as ‘out of scope.’ That said, I feel like your team’s first priority is to make sure the good enough does not get in the way of great, within reason of course. Thanks for going the extra mile.”

Joe Michaels | Microsoft

“Our experience with VMG/studio520 was simply wonderful from start to finish.  They embraced us from the first day we started working together.  They took the time to really understand our marketing message and our needs. They were so excited by what we were doing we took to affectionately calling them ‘warriors’ for the project. We have received countless compliments about the excellence of their work.  We heartily recommend their creative strategy and production expertise to everyone we know.”

Trong Nguyen | Microsoft

“VMG is incredibly professional, creative, and passionate about what you do.  It is evidenced by the great work that you do for Microsoft.  We can’t thank you enough for making us look so good!  I hope other Microsoft teams are as fortunate and get a chance to work with you guys as well and make some amazing collateral for our company.”

Fred Jacobs | Glad2.com

“Everyone at VMG is a genius, pure and simple.  I’ve worked in TV production for 10 years in NY on everything from the Olympics to Emmy Award broadcasts.  Nobody can touch these guys… Their creative instincts are pitch-perfect. They are not merely geniuses.  They have incredibly big hearts and are a joy to work with.”