Nothing is as exciting as an idea. Creating magic out of thin air. That’s the good stuff. Coming up with that creative idea, however, requires a process.


( The Necessary Part )

When we create, we ask ourselves four things. Does it meet the specific goals and objectives? Is it bold? Is it innovative? Is it different? We ask these because a Creative Company can’t just come up with a cool idea, it’s got to be a cool idea that works. Creativity without results is meaningless.

Creative is built on the client’s goals and objectives. This is what drives the strategy or plan of action. Working with your team, we develop key messaging that is crafted for the identified target audience. We then explore a number of ways to interpret the narrative and visual style, and what production method will connect with your target audience. This way we make sure we deliver value to the end viewer, engaging them and delivering the message.


( The Not-So-Easy Part )

“The Big Idea” is the Holy Grail. And it only comes after a lot of discovery and collaboration.

Ideas fly. Words are tossed. Laughter, tears, singing, shouting…(ok, that might be a bit extreme). Finding “The Big Idea” is a mysterious process. A little bit of black magic. But the end goal is always to find that perfect, relevant idea that’s original and delivers impact. It’s what we live for.


( The Fun Part )

After we have the “Who, How and What” of the concept, we create the treatment. Long or short, the treatment helps us pursue our project without losing sight of our concept.

By clearly defining our direction in this way, we can hold true to our original vision for the project.

Think of the treatment as the foundation for the script. The script fleshes out the treatment with voice-over, dialogue, graphics, sound effects, etc. As the various drafts of the script are approved, the messaging crystalizes into what should become the perfect communication of the client’s intent.


It may sound like Creative Concept Development is a lot of work (because it is). But the award-winning creative professionals at VMG make it easy to understand and provide the guidance and expertise needed to pull off such a big undertaking.