You only get one chance to make a first impression—so make it a good one. Your Brand Essence is your company’s virtual identity. How people perceive your brand is driven not only by your logo and website design, but also by the subtle graphics and messaging behind them. Let the experts at VMG help you establish your identity and make the best first impression possible.


( The Big Things )

“Things” is the very non-technical term for “brand assets or products.” The big things that make up your identity are pretty obvious—logos, websites, product designs, and even advertising pieces like billboards, commercials, etc. (which we’ve done plenty of).

Your customers may be exposed to your brand through any one (or more) of these things for the very first time. Which means they will be basing their first impression on your single commercial, a billboard, or even a direct mail piece they came across at a friend’s house. Why does this matter? Because if just one of these is not in line with your brand, you are sending a mixed message to your customers (not a good first impression) and may cause them to look elsewhere for their needs.


( The Pretty Things )

Brand Essence is made up of other (not so obvious) design things that can have just as much impact on your customers’ perception of your brand. Certain colors, iconography, textures or patterns act as visual triggers that can evoke certain emotions in your audience.

For example, if you were a luxury brand, you would use colors sparingly and only to convey certain feelings of high quality and value (gold, platinum, white or even metallic patterns). However, if you were a casual brand, you would use colors more generously and to convey feelings of excitement, adventure or even nostalgia (pastels, greens, blues and floral patterns, for example).


( The Important Things )

All the beautiful design things in the world can’t save you if you don’t have a phenomenal message (the important thing). “Branding” is often referred to as “the promise you make to your customers.” This promise can be made explicitly—“We provide the best customer service”—or perhaps just through the experience your brand provides—“I worked with this company and they provide the best customer service.”

Whether or not you keep this promise will make or break your company. We’ve seen it many times before. A company touts high-quality, long-lasting materials, only to have customers report see-though fabric and products ripping at the seams. The brand’s promise did not line up with what they were delivering. We help you make sure yours does.


Our brand experts will make sure you’re not put in this position by aligning your message with your company’s true value to the market. Find out how!